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Uk scientists to produce low cost high performance ventilators

This is done by having staff wear headsets with visors and superimposing digital models of structures to be installed over what employees see at the worksite in person.

The digital overlay allows users to align actual structures at the worksite more accurately during their installation.

This operation needs very low latency and high bandwidth to stream the overlays accurately in real time, which 5G can support. Current 4G networks are not suitable for this.

Using the digital overlay has safety benefits too, as it also allows worksite staff to do a digital rehearsal of an installation before it actually happens, so any issues that surface can be identified early.

5G is also being tested by the National Environment Agency and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to remotely control a driverless road sweeper in Sentosa during an emergency.

[WATCH] A remote-controlled roadsweeper vehicle on Sentosa

First S’pore Govt 5G trials in Sentosa, like remote-controlled roadsweeper tests, launched
Tests have shown that the vehicle can be operated from NTU, which is about 20km from Sentosa.

The teleoperation system that an operator uses to control the road sweeper looks like a driving simulator and creates the illusion that he is sitting in the actual vehicle in Sentosa, as it receives data such as videos and sounds sent over 5G from the sweeper’s sensors.

So, when he helps to navigate, such as when the vehicle encounters tricky road or weather conditions, he can react quickly since he can see the area in front of the road sweeper, hear sounds near it and even feel it going over humps on the road.